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Review: Tatami Fightwear Estilo Premier BJJ Gi

January 23, 2011 9 comments

I am pleased to bring you the first of hopefully many gi reviews from! I first heard of Tatami Fightwear from my fellow blogger Seymour Yang of Meerkatsu fame. Lately I’ve found myself searching for gi’s that one; everyone else doesn’t have and two; are high quality without costing an arm and a leg. The following is my unbiased review of Tatami Fightwear’s Estilo Premier BJJ Gi.

Who is Tatami Fightwear?
Tatami Fightwear is based out of the UK. They make products for Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and MMA. With sponsored Jiu-Jitsu fighters like 2x World Champion Fernando “Terere” Augusto, you can rest assured that they have put a lot of time into product R&D. Tatami also carries BJJ gear for women and children.

Tatami’s Estilo Premier BJJ Gi:
The Estilo Premier is touted as Tatami’s top of the line BJJ Gi and it did not disappoint. This gi screams quality! As soon as I opened the gi and took it out of the package, I realized how much attention to detail was put into it. From the beautiful red contrast stitching, tastefully placed embroidered logos, and heavy-duty reinforced seams, I couldn’t wait to put this bad boy to use.

The Jacket:
The jacket of the Estilo is hands down my favorite top I’ve ever worn. The jacket is made of a Single Piece of 500gsm Pearl Weave. The outside is a bit rough and feels like armor while the inside is as smooth and comfortable as you could possibly want in a gi top. All of the stress points have been very well reinforced with a combination of double and triple stitching. I ordered and A2 which at this point has been washed and dried several times and fits me perfectly. It’s really incredible how light the jacket is still while feeling absolutely bullet proof.

Beautiful contrast stitching/busy patches

The Collar:
The Estilo is made with a canvas rubberized collar as opposed to many gi’s made with traditional twill collars. They say that canvas collars are longer lasting and help keep the shape of the jacket better than twill although I haven’t dove that deep into the subject….I’ll have to start paying more attention. What I can tell you is that the collar does feel great but is thinner than all of my other gi’s and you know what thin collars mean…..easier chokes. The collar in my opinion is very easy to manipulate, especially when you compare it to say the collar of a HCK Kimono although I’m comparing apples to oranges at this point. My advice is simple; practice your collar choke defense and you won’t have to worry about it!

The Pants:
The pants are made of heavy-duty 14oz. canvas with double reinforced knee padding. My favorite part about the pants is that they have four drawstring loops which help keep them in place when you’re training and a rope drawstring as opposed to a flat drawstring which can be a real pain to untie after a training session. Both the rope and drawstring loops, like the stitching, are a beautiful red that really stands out against the black canvas. The pants aren’t the lightest (especially after sweating in them for a bit) but they fit great and are very durable.

Four drawstring loops, rope tie, and comes with a free gi bag!

Patches and Embroideries:
The Estilo boasts your typical patch placements- shoulders, chest, bottom of jacket, and pant leg which is not a problem but I wish more gi companies would get a bit more creative and stop following this typical formula of patch placements (*Update: Gareth at Tatami was nice enough to educate me on the reason for the seemingly typical formula of patch placements. The IBJJF has very strict rules on patch  placement which makes it hard to get creative if you want to sell a gi people can compete in. Thanks Gareth!). That being said, the patches themselves are a bit busy for my taste. Sometimes less is more. It’s not that the patches don’t look good….just a little overkill in my opinion. They did put in some nice embroideries like Tatami Fightwear between the shoulder blades in red and also grey yin/yang logos on each arm and one pant leg. The embroideries are subtle and a nice touch to the gi.

Tatami embroidery between shoulder blades and patch on bottom of jacket

As I mentioned earlier, I am sick of overpriced and poor quality gi’s. You want to know what this gi costs in US Dollars? How about $130.00 tax included. My wife ordered me this gi for Christmas and shipping was free! In my opinion, you would be hard pressed to find such a high quality gi at a better price.

The Estilo Premier BJJ Gi by Tatami Fightwear is beautiful, comfortable, and built to last. After a solid four weeks of training I can safely say that this is my all-time favorite gi. This gi gets nothing but compliments everywhere I train. People want to know how much it costs and where they can get one. For those of you who want to know how to get your hands on one, here you go-

*I am not sponsored or reimbursed by Tatami Fightwear for this review. I paid full price for my gi and provided this review only to help my friends and readers select quality training gear!