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Caio Terra Interview & DVD Review

May 15, 2011 5 comments

Caio Terra is a multiple time world champion in Jiu-Jitsu both gi and no-gi; his accomplishments as a competitor are far too many to list. He has defeated opponents at rooster weight, light feather weight, and on multiple occasions, he has defeated opponents twice his size in open weight divisions proving that technique can beat size and strength.  Caio received his Jiu-Jitsu black belt in just 3yrs of dedicated training, a feat reserved only for those extremely gifted both physically and mentally. Now Caio has decided to share his knowledge with us by releasing his first DVD focusing on the half guard. Below is a short interview with the Champion and my review of his first instructional DVD:

Interview with the champ

R- What inspired you to make an instructional focusing just on the half-guard? 
C- I haven’t seen any DVDs covering the whole half guard, which has become one of the guards most used in tournaments. So I wanted to make the most complete Half-Guard DVD possible.

R- Was this DVD project something you’ve been planning on doing for a while or did it just kind of happen? 
C- I was planing on doing a DVD for about a year, when I finally had the opportunity then I thought about Half Guard bottom.

R- Your instructional has 111 very detailed techniques in it. How long did it take to film all of this? 
C- Five days working in the morning, afternoon, and night. And that’s because I didn’t get any complications with the moves. If I had to review moves before every time I filmed it, then it would take about a month.

R- Are you happy with how it came out? 
C- If the public is happy, then I am happy too. I just wish I had more time .

R- Are there any plans right now for another DVD? If so, what would it focus on? 
C- Right now I am focused on my new gym in San Jose, the other gyms I also teach at and on the tournaments.

R- I hear you are opening a school in San Jose. Can you tell us a little bit about it? 
C- Yeah, it’s a great facility, with almost 8000sq/ft. 3 Mat areas for different Martial Arts, such as Muay Thai and Cardio Kickboxing, Krav Maga and MMA. Kids and Adults.
I will have 2 more black belts teaching with me, Oswaldo Augusto “Queixinho” and Flavio Meier. I think it will be the only school in USA which will have 3 black belts teaching at the same time. We will have beginners classes, advanced (mix) and competition classes, all of them on gi and no-gi. It’s almost like a 24hrs BJJ hahaha!

R- Will you be instructing all of the classes? 
C- Unfortunately I wont be there for all the classes, but I will be in most of them. Specially the advanced and Competition.

R- Where can my readers go to buy your DVD and find out more about you and your new school? 
C- for my DVD or for my school.

R- Thank you very much for your time Caio, good luck at the Worlds!
C- Thank you and everyone who took the time to read this……OSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

DVD Review:

111 half guard techniques, over 450 minutes of material on three DVD’s, all for about $100 dollars. Let’s do some math- that’s roughly $0.90 per technique or $0.22 per minute to learn from one of the most highly decorated Jiu-Jitsu competitors in the world. Anyone who doesn’t realize what a bargain this DVD is should…. never-mind, I don’t want to offend anyone:) Seriously though, Caio gave it all in this DVD and the rumor is they actually had to stop him at 111 techniques! This instructional could have easily been broken into three separate DVD’s with so much material but you get it all.

Besides being a really good value, this DVD is also very well done. The sound quality is good, the lighting is good, and Caio’s instruction is excellent, especially considering he hasn’t been speaking English for very long. My only gripe with this DVD is that I would have liked to see the camera men show more angles. Caio’s techniques are extremely detailed and a few get slightly blocked by the camera angle but all it take is watching the technique a few times to figure out what he’s doing….not really a big deal.

When I decided to review this DVD, I had no idea what I was getting into. Caio covers so much material it’s almost overwhelming…there were so many techniques I had never seen before. My brain went into overload trying to absorb everything I was watching. Besides just teaching a move and moving onto the next, Caio shows the same move with many different scenarios that can occur during sparring or competition. Also, unlike many other  instructionals out there,  you can actually watch Caio perform some of these techniques at the highest levels in his competition footage.

Overall this DVD has something for everyone regardless of rank, size, flexibility, or strength. The list of techniques is far to long to post but include the half guard, deep half guard, inverted half guard, upside down half guard, Terra’s guard, and even some 50/50 guard thrown in. Also shown are sweeps, escapes, take downs, submissions….the list goes on and on. One could study on this DVD for months or even years and still keep picking up useful techniques. My focus after initially watching the instructional in its entirety is to go back and see what speaks to me or fits into my game now and try to implement one technique every week or so. After that, I can start exploring and branching out to moves or positions that may be more foreign to me and my style.

In conclusion:

If you are a fan of instructional DVD’s, you cannot go wrong with Caio’s 111 Half Guard Techniques. It’s a well made DVD and a real value for those who don’t like wasting their money! If you have any questions feel free to post or email me. I hope this review helps you guys out.

Thanks for reading,