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Gi Review: Submission Light

June 26, 2011 1 comment
A while back I was contacted by the owner of Submission Fight Company to do a review of their new line of BJJ Gis. After thorough testing, below is my review of the Submission Light Gi.
Who is Submission Fight Co?
Submission Fight Co. was started by a young entrepreneur and BJJ practitioner in Encino California with the aim to make a high quality BJJ Gi and sell it at an affordable price point. Since I’m always on the lookout for a good, affordable BJJ Gi, I certainly couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try one of these out.
Submission Light Gi:
The Submission Light is the second generation of Gis made by Submission Fight Co. With a slick new logo and tastefully placed patches, this Gi is lightweight without feeling cheap and looks like it should cost about $50 more than it does!

The Jacket:
The jacket of the Submission Light is made of Pearl Weave fabric with one piece construction and no seam down the back (for those of you that own Gis with seams in the back you know why it’s nice to not have them!). Even though I am almost between and A2-A3 jacket, this top fits me very well and has been very comfortable to train in. It’s also reinforced in all the right places. My only gripe so far is that the color faded pretty fast after the first few washes, but to be fair, most Gis do. I’ve heard of some household remedies like soaking the Gi in vinegar before the first wash to prolong color but to me, it’s not a big enough issue to go through the hassle.

The Collar:
The collar on this Gi is covered in Rip Stop fabric which adds a nice touch to the look of the jacket. The thickness is just about right as well….not too thick and not to thin and is also quick drying.

The Pants:
The pants on the Submission Light are made from 100% Rip Stop fabric with plenty of stitching and reinforcements to stand up to a beating. Until now I haven’t been a fan of Rip Stop pants because the tend to feel very “waxy” and stiff. I was quite impressed while training in these pants that they never felt uncomfortable at all to me. One thing to note that while the pants have a rope drawstring which I like, the material it’s made from can bunch up when the pants are put through the dryer. Since I absolutely hate “air drying” my Gis, I am going to have to live with this minor issue. I spoke to the owner and he assured me that if anyone has a problem with the drawstring, he will send a replacement right away. The one suggestion I have besides changing the material of the drawstring  is to add two more belt loops to the front of the pants to help keep them from sagging.

The patches on this Gi are just right in my opinion. The logo is not too busy and the placement of the patches let’s people know what kind of Gi you are wearing without looking like you’re a sponsored Nascar driver. Another nice addition is the logo tape on the bottom of the jacket and down the sides of each pant leg…It’s little touches like these that you normally don’t find on a lower priced Gi.

This Gi starts at an amazing price of $99.95 for the white with contrast stitching (which is the best looking one in my opinion, I just hadn’t had a blue one in a long time). They just made a black Gi as well that also has contrast stitching and it is retailing for $109.95.

Submission Fight Company is a new company that is certainly headed in the right direction. Their newest Gi is a solid offering at an amazing price. With time, these Gis will be tweaked and refined making them that much better and if the price point stays low, having a few of them in your arsenal will be a no-brainer. Discount Code:
The owner of Submission Fight Co. was nice enough to extend a discount on top of their already low prices to readers of! Simply go to their website and enter in the coupon code- rynobjj5 at checkout. This coupon code is good for 5% off anything store wide and is good until December 30th 2011. Happy shopping!

Thanks for reading!