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Técnica: Guillotine to Triangle

December 9, 2012 1 comment


On behalf of and my home gym, The Institute of Martial Arts, I’m excited to bring you guys our first of several technique videos! The plan is to post new videos every 6-8 weeks featuring one of our many world class instructors like Flavio Meier, Osvaldo Augusto Queixinho, Samir Chantre, as well as many of the high level black belt practitioners that visit our school to train with Caio Terra and the rest of the guys on a regular basis.

This is my first shot at making a video on my own and I apologize that it is a bit crude, but the technique is solid and now that I’ve worked out a few bugs, the videos will be increasing in quality.

Our head instructor Caio Terra is under contract for DVD’s at the moment and is unable to make technique videos with us, but as soon as he is available, we’ll get him on here. Until then, enjoy, and share this with your friends.